Sunday 18 September 2011

Active Musing

Having not posted anything in what seems a very speedily gone two months, I have decided that perhaps I will return to the original premise of this blog - which was to archive my modern musings on music.  Instead of continuing this as a article formed blog, I will update of my current listening experience and hope that this will evolve into something more substantial.  Since my last post, my living situation has changed, I am now based in London, hence the lack of contact.

London is an incredible city, one that will feed the art hungry and musically thirsty.  Gigs and concerts spread the city, and compared to Ireland, are attained for a reasonable price. Here's one I've been eyeing up for November - Quantic. Quantic are performing along side other acts from their label Tru Thoughts, such as Hidden Orchestra and Nostalgia 77, in KoKo, Camden, north London on 19th November 2011 at 9pm. With a line up stretching twelve acts, this independent brighton-based music label is sure not to disappoint.

Quantic is one of the production names for Will Holland, others are the Limp Twins and Quantic Soul Orchestra.  Quantic is a fantastic music act fusing jazz, funk and soul, resulting in this very original yet some how comfortingly jazzy sound, as it creates down beats and funky rhythms.  Have a listen, let yourself get caught up in the Quantic age, this song is from Apricot Morning, check out other albums such as Mishaps happening and Pushin On (Quantic Soul Orchestra) and journey your way through over ten years of evolving style.